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By using FREIGHT INFO, You can follow up the transit and the state of the trucks and trains shipping your consignments.

FREIGHT INFO provides information on:

  • temporary location of the searched consignment, wagon
  • state of the wagon (empty or loaded, if loaded what kind of commodity and how many tons of it is loaded, possible damages),
  • time of border crossings
  • own property or rented wagon related state changes,

You can use the FREIGHT INFO two ways:

  • We can see the location of all our Clients by applying the flexible filters on the online surface of E-Freight.
  • In case of non-online query, the so called Batch mode provides you specified data content in specified times. The Batch query has a one time to be paid cost to the Clients.


In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service at +36 1 512 7777 or write an e-mail to efreight@railcargo.com.

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