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Wagon order

Prior to starting the transport, the placement of a wagon order convenient for the consignment to be transported is necessary.

The type of wagons available for order from Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. and their detailed technical description are in listed in Manual #4.

The document required for placing a wagon order can be downloaded from here, or a sample can be found in Annex 7/6 of Manual #2 (page 66.), which could also be printed and filled out.

The completed wagon order form can be handed over to the representatives of RCH at the stations (service locations) listed in Manual #1. It is expedient to hand in the form at the station where you want to order your wagon.

Our freight tariff and manuals are currently only available in Hungarian. If you need any further information, please contact our colleagues at the following e-mail address:ugyfelszolgalat@railcargo.com.


Use our online E-Freight system for faster administration, process handling and data exchange.


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Our Clients can electronically record their wagon orders into the system of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. in the E-Wagon order module, with the help of easy-to-fill forms and downloadable templates.

Our Clients can review the arranged line number and wagon details of their wagon orders in the module, and also track the forwarding events of their wagons, until the event that wagons are arranged for loading.

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