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„Zöld nyíl” (Green arrow) project: RCH participates in environment conscious city development

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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. had the chance to take the commitment and transport 22 kms of tram-tracks necessary for the complete reconstruction of the Green arrow project in Miskolc during 2010.

The project focuses on changing and modernising the entire tram network in the city, passenger service facilities are being renewed, and by purchasing the low floor tram cars, passenger transport becomes more quiet and convenient.

For the first phase of the construction modernising the city centre, Rail Cargo Hungaria transported 1500 tons of tracks (28 wagons) in the summer of 2010, which was followed in December by 800 tons (16 wagons) to the Diósgyőr Ironworks.

Traffic re-started between Miskolc-Tiszai railway station and the ironworks as of the 1st November 2010. Complete reconstruction, including extension of tram-line, will be finished by 2013.  

Building the tram-line towards the green area around the city in fact connects modern public transport with free time outdoor activities, and thus is a symbol of environment conscious city development.  

Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. is willing to commit to environment conscious city modernization.

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