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Alliance for enhancing competitiveness of wagon load rail freight transport

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Our parent company Rail Cargo Austria AG. founded Xrail alliance, with six other leading European freight railways European freight railways, 18th February 2010 in Zurich. Xrail's aim is to increase customer friendliness and efficiency of international wagon load transport. The main goal of X-Rail is reliability, transparency (international timetables and active information systems), and speeding up offer processes so to raise the standard in favor of at least 90 per cent punctuality in the international wagon load transport when passing through the routes within the Xrail network

Wagon load transport currently makes up about half of the European freight transport on the railway. Market studies show that it holds a considerable international growth potential. To increase its attractiveness and efficiency of wagon load transport the chief executive officers of the partner railway companies signed the deed of foundation. Rail Cargo Austria AG. was represented by Ferdinand Schmidt member of the Board. The other founding members of Xrail are CD Cargo (Czech Republic), CFL cargo (Luxembourg), DB Schenker Rail (Germany, Netherlands, Denmark), Green Cargo (Sweden, Norway), SBB Cargo (Switzerland), and SNCB Logistics (Belgium).

Xrail was initiated in the year 2007 under the auspices of the International Union of Railways UIC in Paris. Since then, the alliance partners under the coordination of UIC have developed international production standards, IT systems. They also made quality contribution arrangements and worked out the agreement establishing the alliance. "The alliance is the foundation for a sustainable wagon load transport in Europe," said Oliver Sellnick, UIC Freight Director. Regarding the commercial aspects of wagon load transport such as customer contacts and pricing the railways will continue to be independent and compete with each other.

X-Rail begins its operation in the TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network). Another endeavor of the alliance on the long term is covering the entire European wagon load transportation market by extending its area of operation.

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