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Rail Cargo freights 100% between Bükkábrány and Visonta

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The engine drivers of Rail Cargo Hungaria drive 9 train-pair set of carriages, hauling between Bükkábrány and Visonta from March. This is a new milestone in the perfection of the independent traction capacity of the company.

Since last December, tree Taurus-Siemens electric locomotives (see on the picture) were set up on the specific section. They are driven by the company's engine drivers since March, consequently Rail Cargo Hungaria freights 100% of the yearly several million commodity on a 70 km distance between Bükkábrány and Visonta.

The experiences are positive. The mine in Bükkábrány as loading location and the Visonta dispatching location are completely satisfied by the service level of Rail Cargo Hungaria.

The main reason of this is to be able to guarantee a more flexible, more forecasting service by completely taking over the affreight, by the means of having been able to save outfalling time during shipping by securing the extermination of unnecessary running light.

An additional objective of the company is to introduce running according to schedule. Adjusting to customers' demands, the company makes the timing and scheduling of carriage more calculeatable and transparent.

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