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Interview with József Bor, Managing Director of Raabersped

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Steady development in terms of transformation

"We reached a HUF 21.1 billion revenue last year against the HUF 24.2 billion of the all time highest revenue. That is a 12.8% decrement, which is an explicitly good result in the rail freight sector, highly affected by the global crisis." - said József Bór Managing Director of Raabersped working for the Austrian Railways for the past 20 years. 

The situation of the Hungarian specialist, known about his integrity and fidelity, is like the fate of the Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin with a difference, it is not his country, but his company name that has changed name in the past years. In 1990 Bor accepted a position at ÖBB after being employed at BA MÁV and lead the Budapest branch of the Austrian Railways. As a consequence of the successful integration, in 2004 he became the managing director of Raabersped. The market leading company is lead by him and Zoltán Potvorszki together. The company faces a new transformation as it belongs already to the Express network of the Austrian Railways. As in our last issue we published, MÁVTRANSSPED and Raabersped will join in the near future. Under the management of Mr. Zoltán Potvorszki, Regional Managing Director, the office building in Montevideo street will be the headquarters of Express-Interfracht in Hungary. József Bor, similarly to his managing partner, Zoltán Potvorszki is a busy man. For years they have been negotiating together with their partners, might the meeting be in Zagreb, Vienna or Budapest. Beside his managing director position, József Bor is a Member of the Board of Rail Cargo Hungaria and has been chosen for the President of the MSZSZ (Associacion of Hungarian Forwarding and Logistic Service Providers) Nominating Committee by his colleagues as a proof of their appreciation. To the  Manager Magazin Hungarian periodical he said that he sees his track-record consistent, he always has been tied to the railways in different positions.

He does not believe he would change this - he emphasized -, but his employers may well hold reserve duties fro him.  The career selection of József Bor was determined by family tradition, all his ancestors to a 100 years, had been railway employees - can be read in the article by Katalin Magos, who is also from a railroader family. But the family tradition is cut off now. Both his children chose other careers. He considers his assignment to the leading position of the first Eastern-European branch of ÖBB opening on Hungary, as he represented the Hungarian Railways at the Commercial Committee of UIC in Paris for 4 years. "We continuously analyze the macroeconomic data as a rail freighter. Accordingly, after the 17.7% dramatic fall back of the Hungarian industry, we would rarely think of more than survival. On the basis of the information obtained on agriculture, 1.5-2 million tons of crop may stay in the barns until the harvest of this year. It significantly influences the export, but the import also stagnates. We must develop amidst such circumstances, and we would like to improve by concluding contracts with major companies for several years, by applying trust-deepening crisis prices, by expanding our logistics service palette and by boosting our so-called contract-logistics. As a member of the RCA Group we intensively co-operate with the European network of the proprietor and with our main partner Rail Cargo Hungaria in Hungary. This year we plan to increase by 8-10%. By this we aim a better utilization of the synergies and a more efficient cost management." - said József Bór, Managing Director of  Raabersped in conclusion in his Budapest office.  

(source: Navigátor)

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