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Participants of Crisis Intervention Training received their certificate

on .

With all solemnity, twenty three Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. engine drivers received their certificates for completing the crisis intervention training for the first time. Such training course is unique in Hungary so far and the rail freight company attaches importance to create a tradition and set an example to other railway companies.

Rail Cargo Hungaria introduced the psychology training course last year, which was held for engine drivers and those colleagues who directly deal with accidents. The course is to train colleagues who may get into dangerous situations during their work so they would be able to treat the occurred convulsion. The more complete this training course is the more is the chance for colleagues to give a helping hand with technical and composure knowledge at incidental accidents to their fellow colleagues.   

Árpád Berecz, the Manager of Railway Security and Protection said, a support system is being formed which necessitates a change of attitude from colleagues and the organization as well in the already well-working international practice in the Hungarian respect. The first training course hopefully will be followed by forthcoming ones, RCH will run for success in bidding.

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