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RCH customer success: Electrolux closed year 2010 with a record performance

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Swedish Electrolux household installation producing concern and exclusive customer of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. compared to the previous year, increased their business profit by more than 50% in 2010 according to the latest evaluation by the company. 

It is of great importance for the goods transporting company that they could contribute to the success of Electrolux by their wide range logistics services.  The exclusive customer manager system, the technical work adjusting to the customer interests and the co-operative  work of regional colleagues of Rail Cargo Hungaria play a dominant role in developing a balanced and constructive business relationship between the companies.

Electrolux does their freights in the "Green Project" spirit in year 2011 as well, so transporting goods by rail plays a dominant role in their traffic. Rail Cargo Hungaria does the most to be of help to their customer in planning, arranging and performing the freight.

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