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Constant improvement in quality for the carriage of dangerous goods

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The year 2010 quality evaluation on the carriage of dangerous (RID) goods, performed upon leaflet 471-3 of UIC (International Union of Railways) at Rail Cargo Hungaria, resulted a superior success.   

The company improved their RID freight index of year 2009 by an additional 2.5%. The extraordinary result is primarily due to the well prepared safety consultants' professional work from the RID Team established in December 2009 and since then working efficiently. As it shows, the personal regional presence of the RID safety consultants makes a good impact on the quality work. The work of the safety consultants is not only supervision, but the guidance and training of colleagues and the preparation of the education materials too.  Besides, a favorable influence on the efficient job is the professional relationship established and maintained with the clients and the neighbor railways, which will be kept and strengthened by the company in year 2011 too.

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