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2nd phase of the broad rail track network reconstruction proceeds

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Last year's EU investments continue being under procedure this year in Záhony.

In the frame of the improvement, the broad rail track network of 157 km is being renewed partly. Major reconstructions are in process on the Eperjeske - Batevo route and on the broad track receiver and marshalling yard as well. For a definite time period the border crossing will be closed because of the works and will be redirected.

Specialists of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt., MÁV Zrt. and the Ukrainian Railways (UZ) prepared the smooth technological background of the border crossing during the transitional period at a meeting 11th August. The specialists agreed in the content and the announcing of the trade restriction to be handed out because of the spragger concerning the border crossing of Batevo - Eperjeske and the hand over-take over technologies during the spragger. Moreover they discussed the distance of the border crossing between Záhony - Eperjeske in kilometers. The group of delegates talked about the extra duties and confirmed that they will be done according to the official requirements of the two countries. The time of the spraggers was defined as well, which means that Eperjeske border crossing point will be closed for 30 days two times and than for 7 days. The questions and technological changes arisen during the discussion were responded by the parties and the meeting ended with signing the protocol together.

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