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Successful RSH Certification

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February 2nd with all solemnity, Helmut Pfeiffer, Chief of Concern Management of Rail Cargo Austria, gave István Bajtai, Managing Director of Rail Service Hungaria Kft the Quality Management System Certificate complying with the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008, whereas the company successfully finished the certification audit. The certificate was issued by the internationally accredited Austrian Certification and Evaluation company, Quality Austria GmbH. The company, auditing the whole RCA group at a concern level, emphasized the thorough grounding and the commitment of the staff and the effective cooperation between RSH and RCH.

The second stage of the establishment of concern level supervision system started last November. Accordingly, the subsidiaries exceeding 50% share, add to the line of subsidiaries. To join in the first stage was a special request by RSH because having the ISO 9001 certificate is of high priority among others because it is an essential condition of tenders in the automotive industry segment.

The success of the certificate proves that in the company group there is a good cooperation. The good experiences of the Austrian owner in concerns, contributed to the success of our companies.  Receiving the certificate corroborates the fact that the appropriate operation of the Quality Management System is essential for RSH and it facilitates competitiveness while increasing the confidence of Clients.

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