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Rail Cargo Hungaria gave warm reception to international delegations

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Ukrainian delegation visited Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. 15 Feb, 2012, the Board of Estonian Eesti Raudtee (EVR) had a meeting in Hungary and Ukrainian Ukrzaliznica (UZ) and RCH concluded a supplementary freight agreement.

Discussion with Estonian Railways

Béla Salamon COO met the EVR delegation in the RCH building. The Estonian government approved a resolution about EVR splitting into two independent companies, a freighter and an infrastructure.

The main theme of the meeting was the problems of the split up and its implementation in practice. Estonian delegates were much interested in the structure of the Hungarian legal system for railways and the practice of international transit freight among different freight regulations.
(Left to right: Gábor Szűcs (Director, Goods Management, RCH), Kaido Simmermann (Chairman, Board, EVR JSC), Indrek Paal (Chairman, Board EVR Cargo Ltd.), Anikó Vass (Director, Business Development, RCH), Béla Salamon (COO, RCH), Szilvia Erb (Chief Legal Counsel, RCH), Marti Mätas (Specialist, International Affairs, EVR JSC), Ülo Hunt (Director, Freight Regulation and Informatics Department, EVR Cargo Rt.), Lajos Simon (Official in Charge, RCH/EXIF, Csap)

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