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RCH-UZ Agreement for 2012 is signed

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A delegation of five lead by Piotr Naumenko Deputy COO and CSO at Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznica - UZ) visited Rail Cargo Hungaria. Béla Salamon COO met the guests in the RCH building, Budapest. Mr. Salamon has a long experience in fostering and improving eastward relations.

The Ukrainian delegation had the chance to learn the experiences and processes in the operation of the past two years of RCH during the discussions and also could become acquainted with their eastward traffic related plans.

The management of UZ informed RCH about structural changes that began in November 2011. At the end of the meeting, the directors signed a supplementary agreement to RCH UZ 2012 freight agreement about hand over of wagons and consignments.

Left to right: István Gaál (Specialist, Wagon Management, RCH), Viktória Fedorchuk (Legal Deputy Chief, UTLC), Béla Salamon (COO, RCH), Pjotr Naumenko (Deputy CEO, UZ), Ivascuk Vladimir (Director, UTLC).
Behind left to right: Miklós Sebők (Chief Representative, RCH Ukraine, CIS, Baltic States), Anikó Vass (Director, Business Development, RCH), Yuriy Merkulov (Director, Commercial Department, UZ), Igor Matviiv (Director, International Department, UZ).

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