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Europe Train: successful final test run

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RCH had a decisive role in the operation

Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt., with the coordination and close cooperation of MÁV Zrt., have participated in the Hungarian operation of the test run of Europe Train with exemplary preparedness. The project was launched in 2010 with the cooperation of 30 railway companies and under the sponsorship of UIC. Its aim was to develop brake cylinders that are 50 per cent quitter than the ones currently in use. Europe Train, equipped with these special brake cylinders, entered Hungary at Hegyeshalom on September 7th on its final test run, and left the country on September 13th.

During its stay, the train went on a daily small circle (Győr-rendező - Ferencváros - Győr-rendező) and a large circle (Győr-rendező - Ferencváros - Szeged-rendező - Ferencváros - Győr-rendező). While on the test run, the wagon examiners of RCH performed the technical examinations and brake tests at the border station and at the marshalling yards. The sixteenth and final test run of Europe Train proved to be successful - this could not have been done without providing flexible and smooth operation in Hungary. MÁV and RCH both express their gratitude towards the colleagues involved in the project for their responsible and prepared work. After the return of the train the final measurement of the brake cylinders and wheels have begun. The results of the 16 test runs of Europe Train will be summarized by an international expert group. The localization and standardized production will be arranged based on these results.
Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. is proud to have taken part in the project, contributing to the advancement of another innovation of the railway industry.

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