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The partnership between RCH and Magyar Cukor Zrt. has strengthened

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The sugar beet campaign has launched

The most important proceeds of this year's sugar beet campaign for Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. is a 20 per cent increase in orders by Magyar Cukor Zrt., thanks to the balanced and trustworthy service RCH has been offering to the company for years now.
As a result of this increase, the railway company now performs 70 per cent of the orders of its key partner. Another important increment of this year's campaign is the reopening of four loading stations, in order to adjust to the freight tasks and enable a more flexible service for our client.
Due to the unfavourable summer weather, the first sugar beet consignments were dispatched with a two weeks slippage as compared to last year, in the second half of September. The consignments arrived to their destination in safety and on schedule.


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