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Tripartite cooperation for the vivification of rail freight transport in Szolnok

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Wagons will soon be rolling again on the industrial railway network of AC-DC Logistics Centre

BI-KA Logisztika Kft., AC-DC Logisztikai Park and Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. recently signed a declaration of intent to promote the vivification of railway traffic in Szolnok and advance the utilization of related possibilities. The cooperation is primarily founded on the growing appetite for investment and the related intensifying client demand for rail freight forwarding and on site rail services, to which the parties intend to offer a professional solution based on their joint effort.

Within the cooperation AC-DC Logisztikai Park will provide the infrastructural background, BI-KA Logisztika Kft. will act as project coordinator and provide public road transport, loading customs handling and warehouse logistics services, while Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. will provide professional, safe and secure forwarding, and provide high-quality services on site as Hungary's market leading rail freight transport company.

The reactivation of the industrial railway connection will enable the cooperating companies to offer a highly complex logistics service package to their clients, including direct loading from rail wagons to public transport vehicles on a roof-covered site, and on demand storage services in between rail and public transport. The complexity of the available solutions allow for additional on-site documentation, such as filling in customs handling documents and consignment notes, enabling the clients to save time and expenses.

The initiative not only allows the companies to provide logistics services aligned with the clients' demands, but also raises awareness for environmentally friendly solutions. A ton of goods while transported on rail take up only fourth of the space, consume tenth of the energy and create one-tenth of the pollution as it would when transported on road. Therefore it is most desirable that the carriage of goods be directed to the railway in the greatest possible extent, and combined carriage - where the advantages of both rail and road transport could be utilized - be gaining ground. Combined carriage on the one hand offers the efficacy of rail transport - providing ideal possibilities for moving great quantities of goods to large distances -, while on the other hand it retains the indisputable advantage of truck carriage in the collection and distribution of goods on short and midrange distances, while still fulfilling the requirements of environmentally friendly transportation.

We are right to say therefore that the reactivating of the industrial railway network in the Regional Logistics Service Centre of Szolnok will mark the start of a new chapter in the railway life - and in the industrial life - of Szolnok.

Railway transportation remains an influential factor in the city's history from its start in 1th September 1847, when the second railway line in Hungary was opened on the Pest-Cegléd-Szolnok section. This event is commemorated annually with a series of events called the Day of Szolnok. In the 1970's the railway station at Szolnok was the most modern railway station in Europe, where freight carriage was also of high importance beside passenger carriage. As a result of the cooperation the industrial railway network of AC-DC Logisztikai Park, which have not been utilized for some time will be revived, and a new era of rail freight transport may begin with renewed momentum.


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