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Regional co-operation for the development of rail logistics

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The co-operation of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt, BI-KA Logisztika Kft Szolnok and AC-DC Logisztikai Park Zrt revived an industrial siding in a town by the Tisza that has been previously out of use for five years. This industrial line will provide a solution for the region to service its transport needs on rail. Within the framework of the partnership, the parties will jointly develop the related services of the Szolnok Regional Logistics Service Centre operated by BI-KA Logisztika Kft. The co-operation will also provide an opportunity to explore the rail transport needs of the Northern Great Plain region and to familiarize the local companies with the competitive logistics solutions offered by the joining of their forces.

The first success of their joint work was the launch of a shipment from the sidings of the AC-DC Logisztikai Park, which, although previously unused, was in good condition. The train of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt recently delivered an export shipment from a factory in Törökszentmiklós to Germany on private wagons disposed by the carrier. The freight tasks was realized through the complex logistics service package provided by BI-KA Logisztika Kft: the cargo was transported to Törökszentmiklós by trucks to the logistics park, where it was stored properly, and later transported by rail with the contribution of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

The road transport capacity of BI-KA Logisztika Kft, together with the services of AC-DC Logisztikai Park Zrt and Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt, as well as the rail transport possibility allowed by the industrial rail siding may provide an excellent basis for utilizing the potential advantages of the direct road-rail linkage.

The introduction of electronic toll collection will soon increase the value of the current trilateral cooperation, and its importance will be further enhanced by the completion of the planned V0-project.

The reactivated industrial siding may become a collection point for block train consignments sent from, or received by rail. The future aim of the logistics service providers is to continue the expansion of services related to the siding and the Logistics Park, in order to reach full-scale transport services of their clients.

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