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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. was the first to acquire the AEO certificate within the company group

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Simpler, shorter and less frequent customs inspections - The NTCA [National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary] issued the AEO certificate effective from 22nd May 2013, received for the first time by a Hungarian railway undertaking. Rail Cargo Hungaria is also the first to meet the quality requirements of the AEO system within the Rail Cargo Group. With this exemplary achievement the company once again gave testimony that it is fully committed to meet customers' needs completely. Obtaining the certification is yet another milestone in terms of providing quality services. It also acknowledges the fact that the company complies with the statutory requirements in force. Awarding the certificate is a great recognition from the NTCA.

Rail Cargo Hungaria started working on obtaining the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certificate about a year ago, with the strategic objective to further expand – and also to simplify – the range of services provided to its partners. Companies introducing the AEO quality management system are granted special treatment by customs authorities.

aeoThe Authorised Economic Operator is considered reliable in terms of operations throughout the European Community, and is therefore entitled to enjoy benefits throughout the Community. The status provided by the certificate is recognized by every EU Member States' customs authority, regardless of the country of their issuance. Since the beginning of 2008, the possession of such status is a basic requirement for tenders announced within the Community. Customs authorities, as the government bodies responsible for the control and supervision of the international transport of goods, can do a lot to improve the security of global trade due to their unique position, while contributing to the development of society and the economy through the collection of taxes and duties and the facilitation of trade.

Authorised Operators enjoy a special status, considered by the customs authorities as reliable partners, and therefore provided with many advantages during customs administration, transportation and handling of dutiable goods.

There are three types of AEO certificates, of which Rail Cargo Hungaria aimed to acquire type "C" (Customs simplifications), pursuant to which the customs authorities will not investigate again the circumstances required for the issuance of the AEO certificate. Certified operators enjoy benefits during risk assessment of electronic customs procedures, which is realized in less documentation and goods inspection, reducing the time for customs clearance.

Following the requirements set forth by the NTCA, Rail Cargo Hungaria was subjected to a full screening. After the submitted documents were examined by the NTCA, the Hungarian customs administration held a two-day on-site audit, during which the company had presented its systems in practice. The successful test means that all processes within the railway undertaking are conducted in accordance with the law and in a closed system, in observance of the instructions. Thus, the operation of Rail Cargo Hungaria – measured even by rigorous standards – is reliable and complies with regulations.

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