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Virtual gold medal for RCH

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The www.regionalbahn.hu professional railway site recently published a thorough and detailed comparative analysis about railway security and the working conditions and working time of locomotive drivers. The article was written on account of a tragic railway accident in Spain on July 25th near Santiago de Compostela. In the aftermath of the accident, both domestic and international press posed the question: could a similar mishap also happen in Hungary?

taurusRail Cargo Hungaria also contributed with its statement to the article written on Regionalbahn. Answers to the site's queries were provided jointly by the organizations of Railway safety and security, Traction, and Human Resources, with the coordinative assistance of the Marketing and communication organization. It emerged that the information provided by Rail Cargo Hungaria ended the company up on the medal stand of railways, or as Regionalbahn put it: „RCH would deserve the imaginary gold medal most of all."

The detailed answers given by RCH were highly appreciated and praised by the portal, as well as the measures taken and tools employed by the company – our crisis intervention training among them – that make locomotive drivers work easier.
Rail Cargo Hungaria is proud to have received this virtual gold medal. Not only the acknowledgement, but also the final conclusion of the analysis is comforting for the company, since, according to Regionalbahn: even if the regulatory system is complicated, railway operations are fundamentally safe.

This statement underpins the well-known fact supported by the findings of many researches, that those who travel by train could only be travelling safer by planes.

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