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Foresters and railway workers together for the environment

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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt., Hungary's leading rail freight company, is introducing Environmental Management System (EMS), which will regulate the processes between the company and its environment. Several activities will prepare the company to start a system which is harmonising measures to protect the natural environment. Collecting waste was the first among these, which Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. organised together with its partner, Verga Veszprém Forestry Zrt., on the territory of the forestry. The two companies would like to call everybody's attention to the fact that we can all do something to clean our environment.

Waste collection was jointly organised by the two companies within the framework of thinking green. Győző Tengerdi, CEO of the Verga Veszprém Forestry Zrt. and Dr. Imre Kovács, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. took part in the event. As part of the event, railway employees and colleagues of the forestry company collected waste in the forest in Bakony Forest, along the paths and among the trees and bushes, in order to make the forest cleaner for our children, grandchildren and the future generations.

One of the core principles of Rail Cargo Hungaria is environmental awareness, mirrored in its slogan: "We transport clean." As a rail freight company, it aims at decreasing the environmental load, preventing
environmental pollution, preserving the values of natural and built environment, creating a harmonious relationship between people and their environment, protecting the wildlife and ensuring sustainable development.

Rail forwarding is an environmentally friendly solution in itself, since – taking into account the effects of
fuel and power generation – its CO2 emissions impact the environment to a far less extent than road freight. The railway company has been participating for years in environmental actions, such as the Earth Hour organised by WWF. Apart from the above, Rail Cargo Hungaria has started different in-house campaigns to make the functioning of the offices greener and to optimise the quantity of printing. The current campaign is a joint campaign with one of the most important partners of the company, which makes it a wider one.

The action, which was a great opportunity for boosting the community spirit and enforcing the partnership between the two companies, also had a motivating effect. If we make our environment greener and better ourselves, we will be inclined to consider it our own task to preserve, develop and take care of it.

Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

"Our innovative rail freight solutions create a more livable environment"
The Rail Cargo Group is one of the leading logistics and transport specialists in the European rail freight industry, connecting all services of Rail Cargo Austria, Rail Cargo Hungaria and Rail Cargo Logistics. Experts working for the company group are at the clients' disposal for 365 days a year, between the North Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The company has a connecting role in Central and Eastern European region, a role for which it is made suitable due to its unique professional knowledge and innovative logistic solutions. The railway company is operating more than a hundred thousand trains and almost 35 million tons of goods, completing the bulk of its freight tasks by its own fleet numbering 23 locomotives. Due to its country-wide coverage, the company is at the clients' disposal all throughout Hungary. Cooperating with its subsidiary, Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK Zrt., it offers a choice to its customers from a complex and wide range of services. Rail Cargo Hungaria will operate an integrated management system by receiving the ISO 14000 (KIR) certificate in September, together with the already received ISO 9001 quality management and the OHSAS 18000 occupational health and safety management system.

Verga Veszprém Forestry Zrt.
At the eastern ridge of the Bakony, Verga Zrt. carries a high level of forest and wildlife management, as well as wood processing activities. The company is also present in tourism via Alsópere Park Hotel which it operates itself. In the Hubertus Forestry School in Ajka and the Green Training School in Várpalota, both of which cultivate a close-to-nature education, Verga Zrt. aims at making the future generations familiar and engaged with the forest, helping the development of environmentally conscientious attitude.
Answering the owners' demands, it is managing the state property the company was entrusted with as a responsible trustee: taking sustainability into account, efficiently, economically, thoroughly, transparently. Apart from the above, during performance of its tasks, the company wishes to show an example of how state-owned companies can be as good owners of values they are entrusted with as those working in private sector. It is providing high level of professionalism in farming, during which it keeps in mind proper exploitation and protects the natural treasures of the Magas-Bakony and Bakonyalja region.
Recognising the demands of the population and the society and in accordance with the government's "Access Hungary" programme, the management of Verga Zrt. has been paying special attention to public welfare developments since 2013, fulfilling its dedication and commitment in this area. The public welfare project entitled "Future is in our hands" embraces Verga Zrt.'s public welfare investments. Among the company's investments, there are plans to renew viewpoints and nature trails, forestry school development, organise exhibitions and drawing competitions.

More information:

Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. Marketing and Communications
Email: press@railcargo.hu

Verga Zrt. Department of tourism, public welfare and communications
Email: Adravecz.Edit@verga.hu


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