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New, innovative freight technology

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Lajosmizse, 30 March 2015 The new freight technology, introduced in Hungary for the first time by dr. Imre Kovács, CEO and Chariman of the Board of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt and Bernhard Grentner, manager of Innofreight, offers cargo handling which is faster, cleaner and more transparent than the current solutions. Leading representatives of Rail Cargo Austria AG, Kiskunsági Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt. (KEFAG) and the Austrian Papierholz Austria GmbH also participated in the event.
InnoWaggon, considered a novelty in Europe and protected by numerous patent application, is a lightweight universally applicable container wagon. The container's capacity is 46.4 cubic meters, the maximum load capacity of wagons transporting the containers is 54 tons. Compared to traditional cargo handling, this technology reduces loading and unloading time by half.
Rail Cargo Group and Innofreight Speditions GmbH aims at optimising the European freight transport by jointly elaborating and implementing the new wagon and transshipment concepts. Making special containers of own development available to customers provides optimal tools complying with all-time requirements of a given industry. All this makes it possible in a short period of time to create special, unique freight solutions adjusted to customer demand and combined with new InnoWaggons.
Forestry companies were the first to notice the advantages of the innovation, the first consignments were forestry products. The technology is already used in transport between Kiskunsági Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt and Papierholz Austria GmbH.
The experts were given a chance to have a look at loading into InnoWaggons in Lajosmizse.

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