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Successful trial trip From Slovenia to Hungary with Rail Cargo Group’s train and Siemens Vectron locomotive

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Budapest, 15 June 2015: Rail Cargo Group freight train successfully completed its almost 650 km long Southern European trial trip tractioned by Siemens Vectron locomotive. In the section from Sežana in Slovenia via Croatia to the Hungarian Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK combined terminal Rail Cargo Group is already operating two pairs of trains.

Great performance

Vectron locomotive completed the section with the train without any problems across the borders, thus ensuring its capabilities. The train arriving to Budapest, and Arnulf Wolframot, Head of Siemens AG Österreich Mobility were welcomed at the destination station by Georg Kasperkovitz, Member of the Board of Rail Cargo Group.

"Rail freight across borders completed without locomotive change results in shorter transport time and

greater punctuality. Rail Cargo Group puts great emphasis on testing and investing in new, future oriented technologies. Experiences that we get from innovative rail vehicles under real operational conditions are especially valuable. Our primary aim is cost-efficient, reliable and safe operation with taking into account the endurance of the tools. This is why we used our opportunity to test a novelty:

Siemens Vectron. The performance of the new locomotive during the trial trip through Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary was astonishing," emphasised Georg Kasperkovitz.

"Siemens Vectron's trial trip proves that it is possible to get to Budapest from a border station in Sežana in Slovenia through Zagreb with one locomotive. The locomotive's equipment can be complemented in order to be used in Italy, so that the entire BILK section from Trieste to Budapest can be managed with one traction. We have used this opportunity to prove our locomotive's suitability despite of different network voltage and country-specific transportation regulation – Vectron meets all the criteria. All the delivered locomotives performed excellently and we shall also implement them in the South-East Corridor," said Arnulf Wolfram.

Locomotive with AC, DC, MS (multisystem) fitted for cross-border operations without locomotive replacement

Siemens Vectron is a locomotive with multisystem power supply of 6.4 MW power class, whose maximum speed is 160-200 km/h. It has multiple traction capability, during which the maximum traction power is 600 kN without limitation. It is designed for transportation in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. Due to the most modern management and regulatory techniques, the total traction weight increased by 10%.


Due to the European Train Control System (ETCS), and apart from utilising the maximum tractionable weight, non-stop traffic in the most impossible freight corridors has become possible. Thanks to the possibility of continuous status monitoring and remote data transmission without. In addition, the utilisation of electric locomotives on the non-electrified sections (side lines, additional lines and non-electrified tracks of the terminals) has grown as a consequence of Vector's ability to be supplemented by a Diesel motor.

Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK: combined transportation in a simpler way

Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK, belongs to Rail Cargo Group is Hungary's leading combined freight terminal, manages the accompanied and unaccompanied intermodal freight transport units and operates as a cross-road for East-West intermodal freight forwarding in the CEE region. The company provides complex and high level services in close cooperation with other members of the Rail Cargo Group, hence covering all processes of combined freight chain. The terminal has state-of-the-art and highly developed infrastructure at its disposal and is continuously broadening its portfolio of services. Within the combined rail freight network, the firm is directly connected to significant European seaports (Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Koper, Trieste, Rijeka) and terminals (Neuss, Duisburg, Kürtös, Ploiești).

Rail Cargo Group: freight branch of the ÖBB

Rail Cargo Group, freight branch of the ÖBB, with its EUR 2.1 billion annual turnover and 8100 employees, is one of the leading railway-logistics companies in Europe. Starting from the home markets

Austria and Hungary, the Rail Cargo Group offers tailor-made rail logistics solutions between the North Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean. With companies in 18 countries in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe and a high-quality partner network, we ensure safe and reliable transportation on the environmentally-friendly railway. The controlling legal entity of the Rail Cargo Group is the Rail Cargo Austria AG.

More information:

Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

Marketing and Communications

Email: press@railcargo.com

Siemens AG Österreich

Communications and Government Affairs

Walter Sattlberger, Tel.: +43 51707 20222

Email: walter.sattlberger@siemens.com


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