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Dual training system at the Budapest Business School with the cooperation of Rail Cargo Hungaria

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The Budapest Business School (BBS), with the cooperation of Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH) and other large corporations initiated its dual training systems. These systems offer a possibility to the four chosen students among those starting their studies to take part in a parallel dual training programme designed particularly for this purpose, so by the time these students finish their studies, they will have several years of experience regarding their workplace, company and industry. Rail Cargo Hungaria's remarkable opportunity is in helping the company find, develop and prepare the new generation with the appropriate competencies for the company.

The four young people shall get familiar with the company's activities, its international contacts, as well as its place in the market. During the exam period the traineeships shall get so-called project tasks and shall provide an account of their knowledge in a presentation.

Further collaboration with the college
The college asked Rail Cargo Hungaria to help elaborate by providing expert contents for the White Paper regarding the training (determining organizational and operational conditions of the training and turning them into regulation). Rail Cargo Hungary is more than happy to help BBS.


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