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Werner von Siemens Efficiency Award in 2015.

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Siemens Zrt has announced Werner von Siemens Efficiency Award in 2015. Companies and institutions which in the previous period (until 30 April 2015) conducted projects to increase efficiency and were able to support it with results were eligible for the award.

The Werner von Siemens Efficiency Award is introduced by Siemens in order to recognize the achievements towards efficiency of its partners in the field of business or society. The award also aims to

- promote good practices, highlighting its partners' imprescriptible role

- recognize their technological developments and steps to improve efficiency,

- show the quantifiable advantages of applying Siemens technology for the rational use of resources

Rail Cargo Hungaria applied for the award and got into the finals with 7 other companies. Ottó Horváth, Operational Director of our company, received the audience award at the award ceremony on 19 November.

The award was the following:

Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt, based on the spare part inventory of ÖBB Technische Services GmbH, complemented by expertise from MÁV and Siemens, has developed a co-operational system which allows MÁV Zrt and Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt vehicles to permanently operate over 96% readiness. Apart from excellent supply and support from Siemens, the merging of possible corrective repair demands of our important tools with planned maintenance as well as an analysis of conductibility of maintenance events prior to sending the vehicle to repair. All this means plus traction capacity compared to other systems, and it also contributes to the high quality of traction services and to its high efficiency, too.

The flexible and high quality maintenance system allows the locomotives to run more than 180 thousand km in purely freight terms, which is a significant value even by European standards.

Another effect of the project is the increased warehouse inventory, which may prevent spare part inventory shortage characteristic of small fleet, and since there is positive experience regarding the maintenance of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt vehicles, NKH (National Transport Authority) has doubled the running value of MÁV Zrt vehicles between two maintenances. All this has also resulted in an increase in locomotive capacity at the state-owned railway company.

We have managed to implement a system to which all stakeholders contribute what they know best.

The maximum use of appropriate synergies results in Hungarian maintenance at a high level, surpassing the previous maintenance technology.


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