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Notification about introduction of customs office code

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Dear Partner,

On behalf of the request of NAV (Hungarian Tax and Customs Authority) we hereby inform you, that for the sake of the unification of the forwarding of goods in the European Union, the indication of the destination's customs office code on the consignment note becomes necessary.

This change means that upon entry at the external border station (Eperjeske/Záhony/Kelebia) for non-EU consignments of all forwarding processes (dispatched by RCH or by other railway undertakings) the name and code of the customs office at destination must be provided.

Accordingly we request that the name and the 8-digit-code of the customs office at destination to be indicated in the field No. 7 "the consignor's statements" of CIM and CIM/SMGS consignment notes. (example.: HU101000; NAV Dél-Budapesti AVI).

Please apply the changes described above immediately after the receipt of this notification.

Please find below our notification about introduction of customs office code:



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