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Sugar beet again this year

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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. is again a successful participant at the annual sugar beet tender of Magyar Cukor Zrt.

Viktor Lippai, former head of RCH's Business Unit MACE told that after several rounds of negotiations Rail Cargo Hungaria agreed upon the prices and the operative service quality with Magyar Cukor Zrt. This enabled Rail Cargo Hungaria to obtain the vast majority of the transportation tasks in the almost traditional sugar beet campaign. This year's tender presented several new challenges to the company, but eventually an agreement acceptable to both parties was reached.

The calculation of the upcoming campaign demanded extraordinary foresight from the colleagues of operation and commerce while preparing the offers. On one hand, the rail track closures planned by Vasúti Pályakapacitás-elosztó Kft., the distributor of railway capacities change unpredictably the well-established routes. On the other hand the capacity of wagons of type Ea has narrowed due to the simultaneous increasing raw material traffic and the starting infrastructure developments in Hungary. Furthermore in domestic sugar beet transportation relations the road transport has become competitive; in some geographical areas there are no significant differences between the costs of rail and road solutions.

A remarkably stable multi-level relationship has been established between the customer and Rail Cargo Hungaria thanks to their long-lasting cooperation. The parties were seeking possibilities to reach an acceptable agreement – although both represented firmly their own interests.

Viktor Lippai sees Rail Cargo Hungaria's real power in its good customer relations. These relations enable to handle and watch closely and protect long-term projects similar to the sugar beet campaign, which contributed to the success of the company in the intensifying transport market competition.

All colleagues working on all company levels throughout the sizing, project-planning, preparation of calculations and performance do their best to reach the successful outcome, which characterises such customer relations.

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