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Information about shipments in temporary storage

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Dear Partner,

We hereby inform you that due to changes in customs legislation and in the Excise Act the conditions of temporary storage of shipments in regard of customs law will change as from September 1st, 2017.

This change means that:

1. as from September 1st 2017 RCH will no longer offer temporary storage for goods and shipments which are subject to excise act, thus the provision of an excise guarantee is needed.

2. as from September 1st 2017 after the entry at an external border station (Eperjeske/Záhony, Kelebia) for all other, non-Community status shipments the temporary storage – according to the provisions of the valid agreements and contracts between the parties – is provided without charge by RCH for its partners for a period of 15 days. For temporary storage exceeding 15 days the service fee is HUF 20.000,- per means of transport a day (wagon, UTI).

3. This fee is charged under the title „commissioned temporary storage of non-Community status shipments" under supplementary fee code 41.7.

Due to the introduction of the above changes the modification of the related agreements and contracts becomes necessary, which modifications will soon be sent to our partners concerned.

The form for the order of the services mentioned in section 2 is available on the webpages of RCH. Please note, that for the shipments for temporary storage a customs invoice is needed as well.

We kindly ask you to apply the above described changes immediately after the receipt of our letter regarding the deadline of September 1st 2017.

Please, find below our notification letter:



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