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Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria Press release – Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria opens an office at station Ferencváros

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Budapest, January 22, 2018. – Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria Kft. solemnly opened its new office at station Budapest-Ferencváros. Tasks of the scheduling centre are the seamless organisation of the so-called Balkán-Express block trains and the control of the wagons running in this traffic. The office in Ferencváros is at the clients' disposal providing additional logistic services together with the commercial train planning in Kiskunhalas.

The first experiences of the newly introduced solution for the building of trains to the Balkans were reviewed at the joint event of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. and Rail Cargo Logistics - Austria GmbH.

As from January 1st 2018 Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. organises the consignments from all over Europe to the Balkans into block trains only at the station Ferencváros in Budapest, instead of the former gathering in points Villach (Austria), Sopron (Hungary), Štúrovo (Slovakia), and Belgrade (Serbia). The concerted organising enables the composition of direct trains towards Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, and Greece. The first Balkan train set off for Turkey on January 3rd 2018, followed by the first Greek express with a total running time of 3 days on the whole section instead of the former 5-7 days. Thanks to the rapid train building a daily 2 trains depart to Serbia, 1 train to Greece and Macedonia; to Bulgaria, respectively via Bulgaria to Turkey trains are launched every second day.

This new solution decreases the waiting time of consignments and their forwarding costs. In the old hubs the waiting time was between 46 and 95 hours, while the trains had to pass at least two hubs on the way to their destination. This caused higher costs and wagon utilisation problems. The new process of train composition the staying time can be reduced under the average of 48 hours and the wagons are able to reach their destination a few days earlier. The company expects from the accelerated transport the increase of the traffic.

Dr. Kovács Imre, chairman of the board of directors of Rail Cargo Hungaria, CEO emphasised the fact that the company continuously increases the competitiveness of its services by building on the capabilities and the innovative group dynamics of Rail Cargo Group's subordinates. The travel time of the Balkan-Express trains almost reaches the speed of the road trucks while reducing traffic congestions on highways and harmful emissions by one thousand tons a year. Rail Cargo Hungaria and Rail Cargo Logistics shall continue their effort to organise intermodal trains with similar advantages – Dr. Kovács Imre concluded.

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