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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. held a meeting with its partners

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Following the traditions Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. organised a meeting of partners with its largest customers. The participants of the event were informed by the executives about the upcoming tasks of the company and the changes in its commercial division. Dr. Kovács Imre held a presentation about Rail Cargo Group and the increasing role of Budapest within. He laid emphasis on the fact, that the rail freight transport market in Hungary is shrinking, however the market share of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. grew in the first quarter of 2016. The growth may be explained by the fact, that the decrease of the total freight train performance of the rail freight transport companies in Hungary was larger than the one of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. The company's answer to the decrease in traffic is the transfer of labour instead of redundancies.
Józan Gábor, Head of Commerce pointed out the changes concerning the commercial department of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. entering into force from 1 July 2016. He presented the transition process of the product groups as well as the structure of the new Business Units.. The re-structure of the Key Account Manager system, the KAPA system, the changes in the Customs Code and the rail track control equipment installed on the network of MÁV Zrt. was also mentioned.
The presentation was concluded by Burst János, Head of Freight Wagon Operations, who has drawn attention to the positive effect of the weekly planning on the corporate operation of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. and on the efficiency of its partners.


Common nature protection campaign of railwaymen and foresters

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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt, Hungary's market–leading rail freight transport company together with its partner, VERGA Veszprémi Erdőgazdaság Zrt.(VERGA Forestry of Veszprém) have organized a common waste collection campaign on the territory of the forestry in Alsópere. Both companies lay a large emphasis on environmentally conscious work and thinking.

The event strengthening social responsibility was organized for the third year, this time in Alsópere on May 28, 2016. The company was represented by Mr. Tibor Szedlák, deputy-director for production and the leaders of their forestries. From the side of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. Mr. Gábor Józan, Director of Sales, Mrs. Kornélia Polcz, Leader of Company Development, Mr. Gábor Kovács, Sales manager, Mr. Pál Nyulas, Leader of Sales Logistic and their twenty enthusiastic colleagues took part.

The designated area, which serves as an international shooting range was cleaned together by the railwaymen and the employees of the forestry. One important core value of Rail Cargo Hungaria is among others the environmentally conscious thinking, the reduction of environmental pressure, the prevention of environmental pollution and the protection of biodiversity. The common event helps the future cooperation of both companies in an informal way.

Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. – your partner in Europe
„Our innovative rail cargo transport solutions help create a more liveable environment"

Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. is an important member of Rail Cargo Group, the market-leading rail transport company group of Europe. The professionals of the company group are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at their clients' disposal between the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.
Our railway company moves more than hundred-thousand trains and nearly 32 Million tons of freight a year, of which nearly 10 Million tons is being forwarded by our own fleet of 25 locomotives. Thanks to our country-wide coverage we are continuously at our clients' disposal on the whole territory of Hungary. Rail Cargo Group in cooperation with its European subsidiaries offers complex and diversified services for its customers.
Rail Cargo Hungaria operates an integrated management system including ISO 14000 Environmental Management and ISO 9001 Quality Management, enhanced with OHSAS 18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

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The trees planted by the Hungarian companies of Rail Cargo Group are thriving nicely in the park of FTC

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Budapest, 25th April 2016. – The plane trees planted with the support of all the Hungarian companies of Rail Cargo Group as a part of the tree-planting campaign of Ferencvárosi Torna Club (FTC) are thriving nicely. All companies of the Group joined the initiative of FTC and each of them contributed with a tree to the rehabilitation of the tree population being badly damaged by the severe storms in the Népliget Park. The development of the six trees, planted in the most convenient moment of their biological life cycle was inspected by Dr. Imre Kovács, chairman of the board of directors of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt., accompanied by Mr. Gábor Kubatov, president of FTC during a walk on behalf of the Earth Day on 24 April 2016.

The company group was represented by the executives of Rail Cargo Logistics – Hungaria Kft., Rail Cargo Operator – Hungaria Kft., Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK Zrt. and Rail Cargo Carrier Kft., who joined the walk as well.

faultetes kAccording to Dr. Imre Kovács it was clear, that Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. would join the tree-planting campaign by FTC. Environmental awareness is a basic operational criterion for the Hungarian rail freight transport's market-leading company. The forwarding of goods by the company decreases harmful emission, which is several hundred-thousand tons less than the transport of the same freight volume would be on the road. The railway company does its best to use diesel traction only when it is necessary, it operates mainly electric locomotives.

All sub-companies of Rail Cargo Group lay emphasis on the reasonable usage of energy in their operations.

Dr. Imre Kovács also pointed out that as the eponym sponsor of FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria women's handball team it was his heartfelt wish to be among the first to join the club's initiative.

The support of Rail Cargo Group is shown on signs at the stem of the plane trees growing in the club's park.

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We continue to broaden our product portfolio

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A Rail Cargo Group has purchased the German PCT Private Car Train GmbH rail freight company, which used to be member of the ARC Altmann AG before.
Rail Cargo Group meets the requirements of rail logistics in and beyond Europe thanks to its strong European partnerships and the railroad connections between the major sea ports and terminals. The purchase of the German rail company contributed to our goal to invest in the establishment of our own traction activity between the North Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea. The new company, from April 2016 under the name Rail Cargo Carrier- PCT provides an excellent link between the logistics and transport performance of Rail Cargo Group and the German automotive industry clients. Rail Cargo Group is a reliable partner in the timely and correct supply of raw-material, as well as semi-finished and finished products of the automotive industry, delivering engines, transmissions and car-body elements just-in-time.
With this fusion we are able to provide permanent services out of one hand on the entire territory of Germany, intensifying the freight transport from the North Sea to the Adriatic and from the Atlantic to the Black Sea.

Pressrelease: MÁV-START’s wagon V63 put on Rail Cargo Hungaria’s colours

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The Railway History Park in Budapest ceremoniously presented wagon V63 decorated with Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt's logo, which for the next year will be used for traction of freight trains in railway network of Hungary. The special decalling of MÁV-START Zrt wagons was enabled by traction framework contract between the state-owned railway company and Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. The two companies prepared locomotive visualisation together, further strengthening their cooperation.

The decalled locomotive with track number 91 55 0630 027-5 is almost 30 years old. The six-axle, upgraded, air-conditioned traction power of 3600 kW, shall make 12 thousand kilometers per month on the Hungarian track network. The locomotive shall be used for traction of RCH freight trains.

Rail Cargo Hungaria carries out 70 percent of the Hungarian freight transport. Almost half of the 32-33-million ton freight forwarding traffic is from groupage, i.e. RCH undertakes transportation of one-two railway wagons to their destination. Through ensuring national coverage of single wagon traffic, RCH is the only railway company in Hungary which gets small and medium enterprises' products to European markets, facilitating many companies' competitiveness. The locomotive decalled now shall be mostly used for traction of trains like this.

The diesel traction of Rail Cargo Hungaria trains shall be executed almost completely by MÁV-START. In the area of electric traction, besides the performance of 3.9 million km of 25 pieces of own Taurus locomotives, it uses the services of electric traction from MÁV-START in about 60%. Rail Cargo Hungaria has transported almost 32 million tonnes of goods in 2015. Had this quantity been transported in public roads, they would have been burdened by 1 million 300 thousand trucks. If so many trucks would be lined one after another along Hungary's borders, it would go around the country 9 and half times.

At the locomotive decalling ceremony Csépke András, the CEO of MÁV-START said: For MÁV-START it is of strategic importance to keep and increase its achieved position in the freight market. In order to achieve our aims we shall increase the number of locomotive drivers by 150 people in 2016 and shall put into operation one part of electric locomotives induced by motor train purchases. Beyond increasing the quantity, we shall use the increased resources for increasing the quality of our services.

Dr. Imre Kovács CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt emphasised: Rail Cargo Hungaria and the MÁV Group are operating in a close symbiosis, since the state-owned company is providing RCH with several services. Through paying amounts for shunting and traction services, for the use of railway tracks, vehicle maintenance, property rental, security guarding and human resources services, Rail Cargo Hungaria contributes to the successful and efficient operation of MÁV and its subsidiaries.

The dominant freight company is MÁV marshalling yard services' and Záhony-Port transshipment services largest customer. Through its activity Rail Cargo Hungaria enables the employment of several thousand railway workers at the MÁV Group.

This is not the first occasion MÁV-START and RCH put a special decal on a locomotive. On 2 September 2014 a locomotive bearing a decal illustrating FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria women handball team left the Railway History Park in Budapest. The special Taurus has travelled the rails of Hungary and Austria for a year, and mainly tractioned passenger trains. It arrived to Vienna and great cities in our country, advertising the successful cooperation between RCH and the green-white team in front of millions of passengers. The locomotive has made a total of 141,764 km, its record was 1060 km per day. It takes part in special events, in March 2015 for example, it tractioned the 25 thousandth Audi block train.

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