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  • Vasúti árufuvarozás és logisztika -- Rail Cargo Hungária

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Combined transport is a preferred mode of freight transport highlighted by the EU as of national economic significance. Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt has an experience in combined rail freight of several decades. We have long been cooperating with companies specialised in combined transport and present in the biggest European corridors. Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt has a unique role in combined rail transport, since it is an important actor not only in Budapest-centred traffic, but also in good forwarding happening in major transit corridors across our country.

Rail Cargo Hungaria currently holds about 50% of market share in the whole Hungarian rail container traffic, which enables it to fulfil the market leader position in Hungary.

We offer our clients a variety of shuttle train services with which they can get their goods to their destination in a most efficient way possible. More than 90% of unaccompanied combined transport is managed programmed into shuttle trains in advance.


Göbl Severin,
Head of International Pricing
+36 1 512 7379 +36 30 608 5483


Dezső Dániel,
Head of Business Line International Pricing (West Balkan
+36 1 512 7701 +36 30 610 4426


Radvánszkiné Zsoldos Anikó,
Head of Business Line International Pricing (East Balkan)
+36 1 512 7391 +36 30 956 7389



Molnár Péter Bálint,
Head of Intermodal and System Train Service           
+36 1 512 7317 +36 30 956 7389


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